Due to insurance costs, we are no longer offering Taxi Service.

We have ended another very successful season!

After four great years, this fun, six month a year business is for sale.

For information:kate48dwyer@gmail.com

Tours: "PT Then and Now"


VICTORIAN TOUR (the short tour/$25 per person)

Port Townsend is one of three Victorian Seaport Towns on

the National Historic Register.   Our 45 minute tour gives an

overview of P.T.'s unique history starting with the Native

Americans, to the first Euro-American settlement to the present.

The Route includes Downtown's Water Street, Point Hudson,

Uptown with several impressive Victorian mansions, the

castle-like Jefferson County Court-house, gigantic trees,

scenic vistas and the oldest wooden fire bell tower in the







VICTORIAN TOUR PLUS FORT WORDEN   (long tour/$40 per person)                                                                           

Fort Worden, a National Historic Landmark, is a 434 acre State Park on the north end of Port Townsend. Our 90 minute tour includes many historic buildings, including a 1920 balloon hanger, old barracks and gun batteries.  We also drive along the beach to a magnificent view of the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island. The popular film, "An Officer and a Gentleman" was filmed at the Fort and P.T. in 1982.





Other Tour times available for groups of 4 or more by appointment.


Specialty Tours:

Just Victorian Homes /-$20/person

"An Officer and a Gentleman" tour - $35/person



The fun way to go for your special events



Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties & Showers

Birthday Parties-Kids or Adults

Company Picnics or Pub Crawls

Wine Tasting around town

Fund Raising Events


Contact Kate at kate48dwyer@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is PTeRider?

We are the first electric tour business in Washington.  We offer fun, VERY informative, history tours of our Victorian Seaport town.  After three years of operation we have learned a lot of history and a lot about what people are interested in.


Does PTeRider run in the winter?

Our season is April 11 to October 13.


Are you a Taxi service?

No.  We are no longer offering taxi service.  As always, when we are available we offer rides during our regular hours when not doing tours.  Tips welcomed.


How are they powered and how far can they go on a charge?

The Roadsters use 12 lead acid, 6 volt batteries and can go 25-30 miles on a charge, depending on load and hills. The motor is an AC induction type generating about 10 HP.  Battery technology is moving so fast that before long vehicles like this will be able to go much farther with lighter, more efficient, and more quickly recharged power sources.


How long does it take to charge the batteries and how much does that cost!

The Riders came with 12 amp chargers, and a full charge takes about 6 hours.  We added 24 amp chargers that allow a charge in about half that time.  The batteries can be “refreshed” without fully recharging.  We’re monitoring this, but it seems the “mileage” is about 1 cent per mile.

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